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in effective resolution of matters related to customs rules,

Customs and tariff regulation

In connection with steadily expanding international trade activity in Russia, correct and professional organization of the customs clearance of  goods imported into/exported from the territory of the Russian Federation grow highly important for successful formation and development of business relations with foreign partners.

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safe keeping books according to RAS,

Book-keeping according to RAS

The book-keeping in Russia must be performed both by domestic and foreign companies operating in this country in compliance with the respective legislative regulations in force, in particular, with the acknowledged Russian Accounting Standards (RAS). We provide administering and comprehensive support in accurate book-keeping and financing to our Russian and foreign clients and ensure conduction of their accounting in compliance with the applicable rules and standards.

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consult on optimal taxation,

Tax consulting

Our diverse tax consulting services range from conduction of ordinary financial audits to constructing and reporting our clients’ tax accounts to the authorized tax and control agencies. Still, we believe that tax consulting support shouldn’t be limited only to these services. Therefore, we are ready to carry out an overall examination of the company business activity, when analyzing taxation matters related to our clients’ commercial operations. Providing our tax consulting services, we always rely on our broad practical experience gained for years of close cooperation with the Russian certified accountants, as well as on our profound knowledge of the Russian tax and accounting legislation.

Realized projects:

offer reliable legal support

Comprehensive legal support

The extensive experience we have gained while supporting and advising our foreign clients in a wide range of projects in Russia, allows us to affirm that it is the clear comprehension of the nature and the regional features of running business by the company’s management, as well as of domestic business practice and customs, that is actually one of the most significant pre-conditions for successful business growth and development of the company in Russia.

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and arrange successful crisis management

Crisis management

Any company can face difficulties performing its business activity. In such crucial moments one should not hesitate to turn to «Aegis» experts, who will be able to perform a comprehensive analysis of the company’s current condition, staying calm and self-confident, and provide both consulting and practical assistance to the client in the situation at hand.

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