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Comprehensive legal support

The extensive experience we have gained while supporting and advising our foreign clients in a wide range of projects in Russia, allows us to affirm that it is the clear comprehension of the nature and the regional features of running business by the company’s management, as well as of domestic business practice and customs, that is actually one of the most significant pre-conditions for successful business growth and development of the company in Russia.

Realized projects:

  • Lengidroproekt, OAO design, inspection and control over construction of hydraulic facilities and power stations, shipping constructions and manufacturing enterprises
  • OOO “PERI” Production, supply and rental of formwork and scaffolding

Within the framework of this Service «Aegis» provides assistance in the wide range of fields of Russian law including:

General legal support:

  • Construction of legal opinions concerning any legal matter lying in any field of the Russian law (irrespective of complexity of the issue in question). Legal support in negotiations, representing client’s interests in negotiations with business partners, construction of relevant documents and letters of attorney.
  • Compilation and structuring legislative and other regulatory acts on any subject, analysis of the judicial opinions and decisions, as well as practice of law application in any field.

Contractual law:

  • Development of legal documents (all types of agreements and contracts, other relevant legal documents), legal analysis of concluded contracts and agreements, amendment and supplementation thereof if necessary.
  • Construction and legal expertise of foreign trade contracts. Legal assistance and consulting on conclusion and performance of international contracts.
  • Legal support in conclusion and termination of the sale and long-term lease contracts of immovable (buildings, installations, industrial premises, land plots and parts thereof), repurchase of land plots being in state and/or municipal ownership, as well as in transfer of land plots from one category to another.

Investment management:

  • Comprehensive legal support and efficient management of the investments projects, including performance of deals on real estate and resolution of disputes arising in connection with it.
  • Legal expertise of history of the investment object, legal analysis of relevant documents concerning the investment project realization, highlighting potential legal, financial and other risks of investor and taking measures towards minimization thereof.
  • Ensuring legal protection of the investor’s interests in the course of the investment project realization in Russia.
  • Provision of comprehensive support to the companies in the course of their corporate and commercial activity; representation and legal protection of the clients’ interests in the framework of interaction with state bodies and institutions, legal defense of the clients’ interests in court.

Corporate law:

  • Legal support in the process of state registration of legal entities (of any business legal structure) at the stage of creation, assistance in entering amendments into the information about the legal entity containing in the Unified State Register of the Legal Entities.
  • Efficient assistance in the process of legal entities reorganization effectuated in any form (merger, accession, division, separation, transformation).
  • Legal assistance in obtaining permissive documents authorizing to exercise respective commercial activities (licences), support at the stage of joining self-regulating organizations and obtaining admissions to performance of works endangering safety of the capital construction objects, as provided by law.
  • Development of specific internal documents for corporation of any legal structure (Charter, Provisions on Shareholders general meeting, Provisions on Board of directors, etc.), legal analysis and amendment of the issued internal documents.
  • Assistance in obtaining an accreditation for the foreign companies’ representative and branch offices located in Russia, labor permits for foreign employees.

Labor law:

  • Development and drafting labor contracts, providing supervision over compliance with the labor law regulations, resolution of labor disputes. Constructing internal provisions in order to arrange regulation of the company business activity.

Dispute resolution:

  • Representing our clients in courts of all levels, drafting procedural documents (claims, statements of defense, appeal and cassational claims towards review of judicial decisions).
  • Representing our clients in the process of judgment enforcement.

Intellectual property:

  • Consulting on legal regulation and protection of the client’s exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity, including: copyright, patent right, trademark (service) right, right to firm name, right to know-how, etc., as well as other intellectual rights protected by the Russian legislation in force.
  • Consulting on legal regulation and protection of the rights to results of intellectual activity registered under international procedures by the World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • Constructing contracts on alienation of exclusive rights, license and sub-license agreements on granting the right of use of respective results of intellectual activity; analysis of the contracts on disposal of exclusive and other rights to the results of intellectual activity in force, amendment and supplementation of such contracts.
  • Consulting and assistance in state registration of results of intellectual property and respective agreements on disposal of exclusive and other rights to the results of intellectual activity, when required by the Russian legislation in force.
  • Legal protection of the rights to the results of intellectual activity in pre-trial procedures, as well as in courts of all levels, including drafting pre-trial notices, claims and other procedural documents required for judicial protection of the rights to the results of intellectual activity.

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