With participation of our partners, we are ready to offer even a broader range of services to our clients.

Due to efficient support of our affiliate companies and active cooperation with our strategic partners rendering services in various branches of commercial activity, we are able to conduct a comprehensive analyze even of the most irregular situations at hand and reach correct and efficient decisions towards their solution. Such partnership with our companions also allows us to recommend the most appropriate and optimal instruments to our clients in order to reach all the preconditions necessary for a quick and expert solution of the tasks set in various unique situations that can happen during realization of our clients’ projects.

Russian management company, OOO Moscow (RMC)

The RMC’s activity is generally concentrated on exercising powers and functions of a single executive body vested in RMC by other business entities under the respective civil contracts, inclusive of:

  • performance of current business activity and financial management of the company and group of companies;
  • consulting on arrangement of business activity and company management.

Tel./Fax: +7 (499) 213 02 72

Glavpotrebsnabsbyt, OOO Moscow (GPSS)

The main direction of the GPSS’s activity is to ensure efficient functioning of industrial and construction companies. In particular GPSS renders services on provision of its clients with materials, raw products, components and spare parts for industrial facilities.

Additionally, Limited Liability Company «Glavpotrebsnabsbyt» can offer agency services in order to arrange supply of the foreign companies performing work under respective building contracts or supply and assembly agreements with the specialized building technical equipment, machinery and spare parts.

Tel./Fax: +7 (499) 213 02 72

InterBusinessStandart, ZAO Smolensk (IBS)

IBS can be named one of the creators and a managing operator of the investment project  currently being realized in Smolenskaya oblast, known as «Modern production and industrial complex InterBusinessStandart».

The main branches of activity of IBS include: arrangement, follow-up and comprehensive maintenance of the investors’ activities within the framework of the named project implementation. Specifically, IBS can assist in selection of a land plot, obtaining all official permits and authorizations required for starting building and construction works, as well as provide support in obtaining connection to the engineering infrastructure nets (i.e. electricity, gas, water supply, drainage system, garbage removal). IBS can provide investors with other necessary resources.

It should be mentioned that the above named investment project in Smolenskaya Oblast is administered by the Personal and Property Legal Protection Center «Aegis», corp.

Tel./Fax: +7 (499) 213 02 72

C&T Group "HOH" LLC Samara

Provides top class consulting services to international companies wanting to do business in Russia as well to Russian companies who would like to become internationally oriented and competitive.

The customers are going to benefit from my international management experience in a  world leading company as well as my 15 years management experience in Russia. 
In addition I am able to provide specialized services through my established network of well connected professionals in and outside Russia. The service portfolio contains legal, tax, customs, financing, HR, trouble shooting, business contacts at automotive and other industry.

Phone/fax: +7 (846) 332 23 17