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Crisis management

Any company can face difficulties performing its business activity. In such crucial moments one should not hesitate to turn to «Aegis» experts, who will be able to perform a comprehensive analysis of the company‚Äôs current condition, staying calm and self-confident, and provide both consulting and practical assistance to the client in the situation at hand.

Realized projects:

Within the framework of this Service «Aegis» provides:

  • Performance of a thorough comprehensive analysis of the financial and economic condition of the company.
  • Expert examination of the company’s manufacturing process (basing on several branches of activity), efficient assistance in arranging production management.
  • Project management: searching for optimal commercial and company-favorable compromises in complicated situations including assistance in negotiating, arrangement of constructive communication towards reaching mutual understanding between our client, business partners and investors.
  • Emergency management and legal assistance in extraordinary situations, including establishment of positive constructive relations and cooperation with municipal and regional authorities, as well as with Ministry of Russian Federation for civil defense emergency and elimination of consequences of natural disasters, Ministry of Russian Federation for internal affairs, Federal service of Russian Federation for ecological, technological and atomic supervision (Rostechnadzor), public prosecutor's office, etc. aimed to minimize the losses inflicted in result of the extraordinary situation occurred.
  • Our highly-qualified legal advisors and financial and tax accounting experts will conduct an express analyze of the factors underlying the difficulties that hinder the business and commercial activity of the company, suggest efficient and appropriate measures to overcome the crisis. In particular, our experts will work out special recession-proof programs for further development of the company, estimate potential risks of such programs’ realization and develop measures towards minimization of the risks that may arise, assist in realization of the recession-proof programs and measures, and recommend the most optimal commercial and company-favorable compromises in the situation at hand.

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